Mar 13, 2009

Got Milk?

We are so excited to announce that we have two Nigerian Dwarf goats reserved from Deborah at: - a young doe (pictured) and a small whether to keep her company.

Here are some facts about Nigerian Dwarf goats, and goat milk:
  • The goat was the first animal to be domesticated, besides the dog.
  • Nigerian Dwarfs are small, and typically aren't taller than 21 inches high.
  • They're very popular as pets, in part because Nigerian Dwarfs are gentle, easily trainable goats and they do especially well around children.
  • They require little space and are inexpensive to keep.
  • More of the world's people consume goat milk than cow milk.
  • The breed gives a lot of milk for their size, averaging 2.5 pounds per day.
  • Their milk has very high butterfat and protein content. The higher protein means we get more cheese from the milk.
  • It also has a much lower bacterial count than cow milk. So you don't have to pasteurize goat milk.
We will be very eager to see how much of our dairy needs can be met by having our own backyard pet goat.

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