Sep 22, 2009

What we read this summer

With summer officially at a close, these were three books that kept our minds turning all season long...

Sep 18, 2009

Join us at the Urban Country Fair

With this year's Farm Aid concert taking place here in St. Louis, YellowTree Farm is pleased to announce that we've been invited to participate in the Urban Country Fair - an event taking place at Tower Grove Park the day before the big concert. There will be live music, food, demonstrations, and games. We'll be there to provide information about urban homesteading. If you want to learn more about raising backyard poultry, intensive gardening, or eating locally - look for us on Saturday, October 3rd! Learn more about the Urban Country Fair by clicking here. Danielle will also be volunteering at the Farm Aid concert, so keep an eye out for her if you plan on going.

Sep 15, 2009


Though our past attempts (here and here) didn't work out so well, our third attempt at hatching eggs has worked out great! Justin created a different DIY egg incubator, this time by using the top freezer portion of an old refrigerator. We ordered a half dozen blue Orpington hatching eggs, and we're lucky enough to have 4 little chicks hatch and survive. With such a successful hatch, we're hopeful that this means we won't have to rely on unethical, cruel, and abusive chick hatcheries anymore - and that instead, we can continue to keep hatching our own!

Sep 10, 2009

The Farmer and the Chef

YellowTree Farm's pairing up with Chef Gerard Craft of Niche to teach a cooking demonstration class at Kitchen Conservatory tonight! Titled "Farmer and the Chef: the Craft of Food" Justin and Gerard will transform our vegetables and herbs into delicious dishes for the sold-out crowd. We would have promoted the event earlier, but tickets went fast!