Apr 19, 2010

Set Your DVRs

This week (Wednesday, April 21), PBS will be airing the acclaimed documentary, Food Inc. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. If you've already seen it, you could probably benefit from watching it again. It's a crucial movie for anyone who eats - and, well, that includes everyone. Consider this YellowTree Farm's official endorsement.


  1. Yes! Thank you. My husband and I are beginning a garden this summer and we hope to bring some Chickens into the mix. We admire you urban farm and hope to go about something similar.

  2. I agree this is a must watch for everyone. Between watching this and Supersize Me I have not eaten at McBarfy's in about 4 months now. I have drastically limited all my other fast food, but sadly still eat at other joints occasionally. But I'm working on it. Your blog gives me great encouragement to eat better and do better by the environment with my food choices. Thanks for writing and doing such great work with your farm. :-)