May 27, 2010

Not Certified? Not Bad!

While providing 10 tips for shopping at farmers markets, the folks over at Serious Eats make an excellent point about why small-scale farmers may not be certified organic:
"The fact that produce is not labeled organic doesn't necessarily mean it's swimming in pesticides or is a qualified member of the Dirty Dozen. Sometimes it's quite the opposite. Some of the best farms, where a single farmer can lovingly attend to every seedling, are hardly bigger than a postage stamp. A farm that size can't afford a refrigerated truck, never mind a costly (and questionably bullet-proof) certification by the USDA. Many farms use organic practices, often much more stringent than those required by the government, but simply don't get certified."
That pretty much explains why we're not certified organic here at YellowTree Farm - but please rest assured that we use organic practices and we never, ever use pesticides.

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